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Health Services


Assessment-guided Treatment 


We are holistic health practitioners who carry a client specific focus as we collaborate with doctors to better ensure top quality care. Recognizing people as ever amazing beings of potential, energy and light, we offer a range of assessment-guided services:


Individual Assessment

Systematic methods help describe the person's specific health situation: Untapped capacities and resources for self-healing that we look at through mapping your metabolic equation for health:

  1. Genetic status of protein enzymes;

  2. Biochemical measures of metabolites;

  3. RNA or DNA measures of latent infections;

  4. Energenic assessments;

Individual Insights

Knowing your condition is essential for discerning the situation, real options and making the most of appropriate health care, resources and practices available to you, we do a number of important things for clients  and their families:

  • Informed interpretation of test results;

  • Consideration of specifics in context of the individual's situation;

  • Smart options based on individual condition;

  • One-on-one consulting services and guidance; or

  • Online and other information, as a subscription service.

On this, we also consult with experts in certain areas.

Light and Feedback-based Treatments

As part of our Assessment protocols, we sometimes use non-invasive techniques featuring integrated approaches to therapies:

  • Biofield signal measurement;

  • Signal signature analysis;

  • Personalized health informatices.

Conscious Conditioning - Featuring Targeted Nutrition

Client-centered advisory and advocacy, research and intensive services are matched with individual health-enhancing and conditioning programs that might include recommended nutritional regimes and supplements of unparalleled quality and formulations that fit the most recent findings in molecular biology.

Client Considerations


When considering our services, please know our commitments:


  1. Our services are:

    • Assessment-guided so often well targeted in terms of treatment and defined in duration, so limited in cost;

    • Potentially reducing need for other supplements or medications;

    • Significantly helpful in reducing the overall risks and costs of health care;

    • Not able to cure people of anything: We can, however, help simplify, focus, inform and amplify clients' abilities to self-heal and more effectively manage their care and conditioning;

  2. Our assessments are:

    • Non-invasive and do no harm;

    • Always the first step in any therapy and precede any treatment;

    • Useful in finding client-specific information can that is useful in self-managed preventive practices;

  3. For certain kinds of assessments and therapies beyond generally supportive advisory services or relaxation programs, we might not treat pregnant women or recipients of therapies that replace their immune system:

    • Gene or chemo therapy;

    • Organic implants;

    • Human or animal tissue transplants.

Our services including equipment, knowledge-base and practice complements the work of others, and differs in significant ways. We are delighted to learn with our clients and their practitioners how amazingly fast we can see what's going on for our client, and find them feeling better and being well.




Give people a handle on their own health - promoting informed and effective asssessment and care. Many people don't realize how they are sapping their longevity in favor of short term needs, shutting off innate capacities to self heal. 

We can improve the quality of experience for people in connected Global Society, for today and tomorrow.

Potential Clients


Clients are accepted only on the basis of referral from their:

  • MD, ND, DC, DD or specialist;

  • Life coach, certified and health professionals;

  • Family, close friends and advocates who are existing clients of ours.


Considerations are provided to partially cover administrative and coordination costs for appointments arranged and fully paid, by:

  • Doctors and health practitioners for their clients;

  • Parents for their family;

  • Managers and leaders for their teams, groups or company.

Accepting 3 new clients per week by referral.
IF YOU HAVE any urgent condition or possible emergency including physical wound, bleeding or fever THEN go to a Hospital Emergency near you, phone 911 and/or your family doctor.
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