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NutriGenomic Program


CoherenceClinic aims to free up innate capacities for self-healing and lasting health.

To fine tune nutritional fitness and physical resilience, we can coordinate  a simple assessment that provides specific perspective on individual nutritional and lifestyle recommendations:


  1. Nutrigenomix test kits [saliva] for Health, or for Sport and Fitness, assess the function and DNA status of 45 metabolic enzymes;

  2. Phone consultation about the findings and Report [30 minutes] 

  3. Possible follow-up to address additional
    interests, questions or concerns.


Generic or popular approaches to diet, nutrition or fitness may not support you as much as you hope. Ill-informed guesswork can can put costs of training and supplements to waste or put the person at risk through actions taken without awareness of their adaptive status and genes. We can bring together working knowledge and proven technologies from leading researchers and practitioners to deliver an easy-to-read 25-page science-backed report. It can guide custom-tailored nutritional programs and therapies.


Collaborating with you and your doctors, we set clear directions for measurable and enduring restoration,

enhancement and improvements in health, specific to you.

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