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Biophoton Therapy

Amazing Beings of Light

Science shows that we are not only in a state of energetic imbalance. We are enlightened beings with a tendency to emit synchronous self-harmonizing light signals - i.e. we tend to stay alive by self-regulating. These signals precede and correlate with biochemical changes in the body. Internal and external signals and influences can, however, also disturb this tendency to harmonize, and disrupt processes that keep us healthy [see PDF NOTE]. 


Assessment-guided Treatment

Tangible measures can show coherent or perturbed energy emmissions in the blue and ultraviolet light spectrum, in our bodies. 


Good news: When energetic disturbances can be measured in people, corrective signals can also be generated and communicated as feedback to the person using the same blue light ("biophotons") that dynamically hold us together over time [4].


Specific light-based programs have been developed over several decades to use light as a carrier medium to harmonize and restore the coherence necessary for healthy life. These Biophoton treatments use specific frequencies in a biofeedback instrument [Chiren from Institute of Applied Biophoton Sciences] to trigger the person to clear energetic disturbances.


Developed by Dutch physicist Johan Boswinkel, his application of biophoton sciences makes use of fundamental research by FA Popp and continues to be supported by research in Europe and elsewhere [4]


Treatment Process

Treatments follow assessments and require 2-3 days between sessions: The instrument and therapeutic protocol is based on a biofeedback program that sends signals to the client's body in a way that, if possible, it heals itself. 


This works on the assumption from science findings that indicate the following:

  • Biophoton emissions precede biochemical reactions in a living body [1].

  • Organisms are self-preserving systems of energy and information that demonstrate coupled resonance across fields defined by a distinct and measurable range of electromagnetic frequencies [4].

  • Biophotons guide energetic capacities for self-healing by mediating an organism’s and cell’s high sensitivity to environmental change and processes of auto-catalytic self-regulation [5].


To treat the cause of health complaints, therapy follows an iterative client-centered process that overlaps empirical tests with client-practitioner dialogue and light (“biophoton”) treatments. Protocols have also emerged in our work that show we can use Electro Crystal and other supportive treatments to amplify the healing potential of Biophoton Therapy for our clients:

  1. Dealing with cancer. We have an Integrative Oncology Program;

  2. Suffering unexplained autoimmune disease; and

  3. Affected by chronic inflammatory conditions.


Observing changes in measures from one appointment to the next allows practitioner and client to learn about what is really going on in their body, and how they are responding to specific assessment-guided treatments. In addition to treatments based on findings from an Assessment, there are specialized scar, whiplash and Dyslexia programs. Treatment always follow Assessment.


Research findings appear tp support these ideas. 


Therapies Fit with Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Biophoton therapy might be described as a Complementary health practice in terms defined by authorities at the U.S.-based National Institutes of Health. While Boswinkel was developing biophoton therapy, the National Institutes of Health formally recognized the field of complementary medicine by establishing the National Centers for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). A comparison of biophoton therapy to practical definitions provided by NCCAM indicates biophoton therapy might be considered complementary as a health practice.

Seeing Light in Life


It's been more than a century since scientists measured light from plants and animals, the first clue that life is contained in and made with light [2]  


Research in the 1970's began to confirm those observations, and what traditional healers and practitioners have known for ages: Not only do we exist in a tangible energetic form [2,3]. Light can produce a complex and coherent energy field that we call life that -- with sensitive equipment -- can be seen against the backdrop of chaotic cosmic radiation and others [1, 2, 3]


Coherent light is emitted by cells in a constructive -- healthy -- pattern as light precedes electromagnetic signals and biochemical interactions. Chaotic and destructive interference energy patterns can also be observed:

  • Oxidative processes correlate with disease and, eventually, cell death or malignant tumor [6,7].

  • Bacteria also produce light with their own particular signals  [4]

  • Viral material (not considered "alive") and chemicals may also be measured as disruptive factors [4]


Biophoton Summary:

Science shows coherent cellular light supports health [1].


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Science Note (PDF) also available


IF: Experiencing a physical wound or trauma with bleeding or body damage, feel concern about extreme allergy, poisoning, high temperature or any other extreme pain, illness and possible emergency?

THEN: Go to a Hospital Emergency near you, phone 911 for emergency care and/or contact your family doctor.


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