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Assessment-led Therapy

CoherenceClinic provides health consulting services using an assessment-led practice to give individuals precise insights into essentials for life.


Our services are person-centered to inform care:

  • Complementary to both person and conventional care. 

  • Start with our client's experience.

  • Can use a range of possible assessments.

  • Tests findings guide light feedback therapies and inform decisions about programs possibly including nutritional supplementation.

  • Track changes of health in an informative context.


The CoherenceCllnic assessment-led approach involves asking useful questions and asking the client's MD or ND for revealing tests. These prove particularly useful for clients before accepting cookie-cutter diagnoses, one-size-fits-all treatments or courses of compounding medications.


Clients Who See Us

Clients often call us when they receive a medical diagnosis that doesn't quite feel right, has no cure and leads to over-treatment or unwanted side effects. Conditions have included for example:

  • Neuro-cognitive, mood, and memory problems that are given labels like Autism, biopolar, MS, Parkinson’s, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s;

  • Metabolic syndromes associated with medical terms like diabetes, chronic fatigue, depression, bipolar and MS, resulting in obesity;

  • Inflammation, autoimmune reactions, Lupus, headaches and menopausal symptoms, or blood conditions including lymphoma or anemia;

  • Tumors, cysts or lesions that doctors call Cancer;

  • Complex symptoms summarized as unexplained high or low blood pressure and atherosclerosis, then labelled as Cardiovascular Disease;

  • Immune disruptions blamed on patient behaviors such as pregnancy, trauma, malnutrition, food chemicals, allergies, exposure to air and water-borne toxins, radiation, HIV, and AIDs.


Cancer is a good example. Frightening to hear you've got an odd growth! According to recent studies, many are slow growing or self-resolving in ways doctors might not know. Some are known to be benign, so medical diagnosis is informative. 


Still, many of the 87,000 official Diseases including tumors remain unexplained. Disease names have grown faster than the population as doctors label chronic and age-related conditions. Over 100 years, there are few new cures beyond 500 for infections. Yet, most diseases have standard treatments. And an amazing array of terrible conditions can stem from infections that could be treated if they were not so chronic or sub-clinical that the condition falls under a diagnostic differential given another name. Few diseases are really the fast one-way street to a disaster that a diagnosing doctor might describe to you as your risk or worst-case scenario.

Nobody is the same as the statistical risk for a disease. Every situation differs from the simplified scenarios that characterize medical evidence and either-or logic. It's reasonable to ask what's going on with you, and in what context. Regardless of the diagnostic label, improvement in health and protection of health is not only possible. Protecting one's health is essential. The challenge is that Medicine focuses on Disease and its treatment.  People remain responsible for their life and health.

Systematic Review

For clients who want to understand more fully what's going on with them, we provide a minimum of two initial sessions that include assessments and feedback based treatments. For chronic or complex conditions, we can also coordinate a Systematic Review to supply a pre-clinical Insights Report. This involves cross-indexing personal assessments with findings from fundamental Life Sciences.


Our work can outline and offer test protocols useful in conjunction with services provided by your ND or MD. Testing and treatments can take more  than a month depending on length of history, but help inform a client and their doctors about more of what's going on that are pertinent to their health.


Combined with gentle therapies, the substantial information we provide to clients has proven significantly beneficial. Clarity is better than guesswork. In the era of nutritional genomics, molecular, cellular and systems biology, individuals can access self-assessments to better understand their condition. That is if people and their doctors care as much about individual health as they care about Disease naming and generic treatment according to population averages. Yet, meaningful information is needed, not just more data.

We're talking about life! Conditions are not just either-or decisions about medical interventions.  Together, we can help clients get a handle on their health, improve their self-understanding and situation, and make decisions on a more informed basis. It means looking beyond generic answers to medically defined problems and seeing oneself or family members as fully alive, more than a disease label or generic description of an individual condition.

If health and self-adaptation is valued as key to your intentions then we'd be pleased to work with youWe enjoy meeting new clients through introductions from existing clients and their doctors.

Outline of possible Systematic Review Protocol


Collaborating with you and your doctors to set clear direction for measurable and enduring restoration,

enhancement and improvements in health, specific to you. 

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