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Client Contact

Mail Address

Leslie Hayman, Director

850-36 Toronto Street
Toronto, Ontario 

M5C 2C5


Client Visits
Please confirm the address with us before your visit.

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  • We provide NO walk-in medical clinic or emergency services.

  • NO medications or Medical Doctors are found on premises.

  • CoherenceClinic charges for specialized assessment & consulting services.

  • Clients must have their own MD: We are not family physicians;

  • Our services are not covered by OHIP.

  • We accept clients for whom we can provide tangible benefit.

We accept only 3 new clients per week, and now only by referral.


Client visits require pre-scheduled appointments.

IF YOU HAVE any urgent condition or possible emergency including physical wound or trauma, bleeding or body damage, concern about high fever, other sudden illness or extreme pain  THEN go to a Hospital Emergency near you, phone 911 and/or your family doctor.
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