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Conscious Reconditioning

Caring to Restore Health

CoherenceClinic, our practitioners, clients and other allies are committed to conscious care that begins and ends with the very real capacity for self-healing, healthful living and freedom from needless dependencies.


In addition to healing-oriented re-conditioning services, we work with relatively healthy people to provide peak conditioning programs.


Realizing Greater Potential

Personal Conditioning and Development Programs can involve a range of practitioners and services to cultivate personal and group healing, health, peak performance, intuitive and collaborative capaciteis, creativity and productivity. For:

  • Elite athletes and professional performers;

  • Artists, Scientists and academics;

  • Executives, political and other leaders;

  • Health professionals and care-providers;

  • Conscious Adults from all walks of life.


Programs include Biophoton-based Assessment and Treatment in findings-guided therapies.  Conscious care and conditioning can also be considered through the lens of a few ABC's in healthy life:

  1. Advisory and Advocacy Services [ask us about this]

  2. Biofield balance as an integrated approach to science, mind and freedom;

  3. Conscious character and Self development

  4. Diet as the nutritional foundation of health

  5. Environmental and Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Health

  6. Fitness and Physical Resilience

  7. Genetic Transformation and Microbial Balance

  8. Heart-mind-global Coherence

  9. Intentional Practice and image cycling.


We are truly grateful for opportunity to meet you and express our life's work with kindred spirits.


Mind, body, spirit, light and Love: You matter.


As far as we or anyone seems to know, this one life that is you and all that is around you, does not seem to ever happen again just like this.


Our time is now, to be the best that we can be and enjoy this life!

Path to Self-Care


Key elements in programs for personal transormation include relatively low cost options that offer great potential benefit, including practices readily used on one's own.


Programs are scheduled to include private consultations, assessment, treatments, training and education over 3-9 month periods. Examples of elements in a complete program:


Mind-Body Coherence


Functional Coherence

  • Nutrition (including weight modification or regulation)

  • Fitness and Physical Resilience

  • Microbial Balance and genetic transformations;


Leadership Effectivenss and/or
Full Team Coherence


Time commitment:

  • 1-2 appointments per week for three weeks then one appointment every week or so.

  • Guided 3-9 month program


Entirely customized, private and confidential programs.

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