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Individual Health


We are experienced researchers and practitioners, not medical doctors with a generic perspective. Taking an assessment-led approach to individual health, we have worked with people to address concerns including:


  1. Cancer, tumors and cysts:

    • Nutritional Considerations - there's always and underlying metbolic imbalance when a tumor appears (the imbalance is cancerous, not necessarily the cells in the mass or cyst);

    • Alternative Diagnostic Techniques;

    • Nutritional support options prior to or during Radiation or surgery;

    • Post-treatment Care and End of Life Planning;

  2. Medically Unexplained Symptoms:

    • Migraine and back pain (e.g. anylosing spondilites and HLA-B27 factor);

    • Persistent sore neck, sinus congestion or constipation;

    • Possibility of Lymes, Malaria or other from travels;

    • Life-long anxiety, ADHD, sporadic memory loss or scattered thinking;

    • On-going sleep disturbances;

    • Bell's Palsey or numbness in face;

    • Sudden or sporadic incontinence;

    • Concerns about personal or children's sensitivies to past medical procedures including dental repair, antibiotic use and vaccinations;

    • Thyroid problems not yet treated;

  3. Inflammatory and age-related conditions;

    • Early Parkinsons or Alzheimers';

    • Seasonal and erratic allergies;

    • Chemical and food intolerances including celiac;

    • Irritable Bowel or Leaky Gut Syndrome;

    • Questions about Lymes, Bartonella and Lupus;

    • Fibromyalgia and Arthritis;

    • Skin rashes and outbreaks;

  4. Common conditions that flair-up;

    • Acne;

    • Herpes, Chlamydia and Candida;

    • Gall and kidney stones;

    • High blood pressure;

  5. General and specific need for de-stressing;

    1. Food related detoxification;

    2. Biochemical neutralization and elimination;

    3. Enviornmental factors including electromagnetism and biotoxins;

    4. Emotional and psycho-social-spiritual distress;

    5. Family challenges.


We are truly grateful for opportunity to meet you and work with you.


You matter.


IF you have a possible emergency including physical wound or trauma, bleeding, high fever, extreme or unexpected pain or severe illness THEN go to a Hospital Emergency near you, phone 911 for emergency care and/or contact your family doctor.

Coherent Program

Private consultations start with you filling us in about you so we can consider a range of assessments, plan and coordinate expertise and possible treatments, including:


Conscious Collaboration:

  1. You and your family;

  2. Your family doctor;

  3. Conventional diagnostic services;

  4. Naturopathic Doctors;

  5. Physical therapists;

  6. Bio-molecular specialists;

  7. Homeopathic and electromagnetic practitioners;

  8. Nutritionists and Ortho-molecular consultants;

  9. Local and other expertise and leading practitioners.


Informative and Comprehensive:

We promote awareness and use of the:

  • Full scope of the person's health condition and the range of medical and health disciplines offering useful expertise;

  • Evidence and background science to help identify the cause of health disturbances in a simple, clear and signficantly manner;

  • Consideration of the best quality of care options:

    • Least complicated;

    • Most natural;

    • Lowest total cost; including:

    • Expedient and timely:

  • Readily self-managed program including elements such as:


Functional Coherence Program

  • Nutrition (including weight modification or regulation);

  • Hydration;

  • Fitness and physical balance;

  • Microbial balance;

  • Stress reductions or elimination;


Mind-Body Practice

  • Conscious and emotional harmony;

  • Biophoton, electromagnetic and heart coherence ;

  • Energy cycling and manifestation;

  • Groundwork and grounding;

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