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Patient Advocacy  

CoherenceClinic provides health consulting and information services, not a quick-fix or cure-all. We are not medical doctors and provide no critical care. If you feel you are in an emergency then please call 911 for help and don't read this any further. If you need a doctor then call your doctor. We work with clients who have their own MD or qualified family physician.


Hope is the Flipside of Fear

Only Medical doctors can diagnose case files in terms of Disease and prescribe drugs as treatments. They are authorized to treat people according to standardized practices and clinical guidelines to manage Disease. Unless you are in a critical state, unable to think for yourself, however, there's little reason to equate all of you and your condition with a narrow diagnostic label.

While our doctors focus on disease, we sometimes feel their medical diagnosis just doesn’t seem to add up.  We need to inform ourselves and our doctors about us. We also might need more or different information to understand how our condition conforms with cookie-cutter diagnostics, dead-end disease labels or one-size-fits-all treatments. Indeed, life is up to each of us and might matter as much or more tomorrow than any rush to treatment today.


Mistakes, errors, and omissions can occur anytime people come into systems set up and run by other people, no matter how well-meaning. Everyone might benefit from an extra set of eyes, ears, and experience that add value to the patient's side of the safety. Because medical care and treatments rely on decisions that hold life in balance.


Terrible decisions can be made when the person needing care is supported by or spends their life supporting others who are unprepared to understand the need for care. Some prefer to stick with their normal lives and responsibilities, so care less about proper diagnosis than the quick fix. Many just want to get back to their usual, same-old. If that's the case for you now, then we are not the ones to help. 


See your doctor. CoherenceClinic does not offer medical care or information that can replace your family doctor, MD or ND.  If you have concerns about your medical care, you can ask your doctor for a referral to another specialist or practitioner. They need to offer a different kind of medical perspective with other kinds of tests. Otherwise, the second or third will simply confirm the original opinion when Doctor2 or Specialist3 in your area do the same math with similar results as conventional, same-old tests by your Doctor 1. 


We've found that some people skip asking for another perspective because they don't want to look like they are causing trouble. Cut-and-dry, generic diagnosis is easier to talk about than health. Yet, they may also feel their life is more than an either-or theory. They turn up when they are curious to ask if they have more options than they tend to think.


Before jumping down a decision path, there may be an opportunity to look beyond the false dichotomy of quick-fix or disaster. Ask yourself and your doctor what more your experience, background, and measures of health can tell you about your condition.


No Cure-all

Doctors are professionals who can treat you using the best of evidence-based Medical conventions. Doctors prescribe standard and generic drugs to ensure everyone is treated to the same quality of care. Medical conventions equip doctors to save time in figuring out what to prescribe. Indeed, standard treatments tend to prove helpful for at least 2 or 3 out of 10 people who researchers call super-responders. Is that you? 

Be sure. Discuss intentions for protecting and supporting your health with your doctor as if your life depends on it because it does. You know: You're alive. You are unique, here.


There is one living and breathing you, being you! When did you last feel good and like yourself? You are changing, different, self-restorative and varying in and across every moment of life because as sure as you are alive you have capacities for health.


See your doctor and ask questions because you are awesome!


Take care with all good wishes.

Collaborating with you and your doctors, as an advocate for you. We can inform decision-making with a view to patient safety and better care. We seek clear direction for measurable and enduring improvements in health, specific to you.


We accept new clients through introductions from people and professionals we know.


Medical investigators need to contact us directly.

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