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Holistic Health Practitioners

Leslie Hayman

Practice Leader


Founder of CoherenceClinic, Leslie offers a breadth and depth of health-related experience over three decades. Leslie is skilled in knowledge and systems integration, translation and mediation. She enjoys working with clients, grateful for opportunity to inform and help, based on known science.

Leslie is a Research Fellow in the doctoral dissertation program at the EU InterUniversity with focus on biofield therapies, self-healing processes, evidence-based and precision medicine focused on the whole person.

She obtained her MSc of Integrated Health Sciences in 2013 from the European Union Interuniversity College of Health and Development, based in Austria.


Leslie is also certified for practice:

  • Complementary, PsychoSocial and Integrative Health Sciences, 2011

  • Biophoton Therapy, IABS, Netherlands

  • Contemplative End of Life Care, as a Thanadoula, Institute of Traditional Medicine, Toronto, 2010.

A member of the International Society for Nutri-genomics and Nutri-genetics, Leslie is also a member of the Association for Psychological Sciences, the Association of American Anthropology including its Society for Medical Anthropology, and Anthropology of Consciousness.

Fred Yagi
Certified Biofeedback Therapist


Certified and insured as a provider of Electro Crystal Therapies (ECT), Poly Interference Photography (PIP), Electromagnetic neuro-stimulation (Avazzia) and feedback therapies, Fred is a close Associate working with Leslie on both the Integrative Oncology and Coherent Care (CCC) program which deals with autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.


Fred works with non-invasive micro-current computerized biofeedback devices that are Health Canada and FDA approved for intractable pain management and re-education.


Experienced Practitioners

Gifted Healers


CoherenceClinic is pleased to work with a select network of extrordinary collaborators who provide a full spectrum of health expertise and great depth of talent that translates into readily accessible and affordable programs.  Our associates include hands-on-healers and qualified professionals with outstanding experience, e.g. 

  • Doctors of Family, Chiropractic and Ortho-molecular Medicine

  • Registered Massage Therapists and Osteopaths

  • Dental Hygenists and Dentists


We also make referrals to therapists certified in electrocrystal therapy and biofeedback systems. Clients can be introduced to associates on an as-needed basis, with initial coordination by our core care of service providers.

Health practitioners who would like to refer us to an amazing healer whose good work you have experienced and trust: Please contact us (see the link, above).


We are grateful for opportunity to meet and know amazing people who live as healthy examples and nurture Loving Healthy Self.

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