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Significant Findings

Shingles is Measles is Herpes

98% of Us Have the Virus. And symptoms differ over time.

Many have had Chicken Pox or some version of this virus. Later becoming Shingles or causing stroke, the virus never goes away. Symptoms can be surprising and severe, but often treatable. "Getting" illness means seeing symptoms our body is working to control a virus.

Doctors expect symptoms to be obvious and testable:

  • Itchy, burning and sore skin;

  • Red and lymphatic erruptions or oozing and scabbing lesions in a rash;

But often they are not: Without physical or external evidence, it is difficult for MD's to do conventional biomedical tests and successfully confirm presence of the virus. It can, however, cause real health problems less measurable by conventional means:

  • Itch or discomfort under the skin without a rash;

  • Problems with red eyes, eyesight and hearing;

  • Numbness in the face or along the jawline, particularly or possibly following replacement of dental fillings with white enamel;

  • Odd sensations in muscles or nerves down the legs or torso;

  • Sub-cutaneous changes in muscles and connective tisssue after a physical trauma;

  • Dizziness, fatigue and weight loss;

  • Discomfort, strokes or heart attacks from blood clots.

We are pleased to note that a standard series of three CoherenceClinic Assessments can often not only help identify the cause of symptoms. Part of our testing procedure involves use of light-based "biophoton" treatments to gage and amplify clients' own immune and self-healing response to symptoms.

Control of the Zoster viruses can include conventional approaches with medication when a medical doctor can provide proper diagnosis or make use of findings. Great success in treatment has also been documented in scientific journals and in complementary health practices, through:

  • Focused use of nutritional regimes and/or rebalancing of diet;

  • Referral to an Accupuncture Therapist in the early days of outbreak;

  • Coordination with a medical doctor who provides intravenous nutritional supplements that support rapid and sometimes complete immune restoration.

Please contact us if you have questions about how we might help. Our experience suggests that if we can accept new clients, we generally can provide clear confirmation of the cause of problems and coordinate useful treatments.

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