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Significant Findings

COVID in Canada - Realistic Data

Unlike the USA approach to staging an epidemic and economic program in the name of "global war", Canada is revealing more of a meaningful range of novel flu data in the interest of public health:

* People OK, maybe with the virus - UNKNOWN (up to 80% pop) * Virus suspected so Tested ~ 99,000

* RESULTS >98.5% test negative * CASES = 1471 = 1430 Confirmed + 41 Suspect (<1.4% test positive) * DEATHS = 20

The official narrative says that people are not surviving if they are older, smoke, and have other immuno-metabolic burdens like obesity, insulin resistance etc.. Mortality in Canada is slightly worse for men than women.

So, keep it simple: Wash hands. Quit touching your face. Keep your distance from others. Stay home.

If symptomatic, check yourself out with the Canadian Assessment Tool [+]

If breathing is labored after a fever and other symptoms, and if going to hospital then please consider asking for treatment by Hydro-Chloroquine. proven useful stopping the virus in fundamental studies and clinical trials in China and later in France.

If you or a loved one needs help preparing an emergency information package to take into hospital -- to ensure fast, effective and personally-relevant care -- then let us know. We can arrange a phone consultation to assemble a doctor-briefing for you.

With all best wishes for your health and safety.

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