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Environmental and EMF Health


LiveSpacetm Services

People can clear their place or space of chemical toxins. Energy is difficult to see. Yet, if individuals care to test and manage their own environment for energetic safety, there are proficient engineers with professional equipment available to help. CoherenceClinic can help energetically sensitive and aware individuals, families and groups:

  1. Assess people to identify and remedy internal disruptions from problematic energetic systems in their living and working environment; and then if useful:

  2. Help coordinate environmental “LiveSpace” tests including advise about how to minimize disruptions and health risks..


Energy Inside & Out

Boundaries are Key

Our mind, body and, some say, spirit can be considered a field of energy, including different and particular frequencies and wave forms.


Like internal light emitted from our cells, i.e. like biophotons that regulate our being healthy, external energy, fields and signals can be measured as supportive or disruptive, as waves potentially constructive or destructive in relation to our own energy patters: Size of waves, volume, shape of pattern, quality of energy and frequencies can either fall within a tolerable range of measures, and potentially challenge or destroy, us.


The energetic environment of the planet might be described as a “LiveSpace” that has been reshaped by humans and our technology. Doctors, researchers and experts have observed:

  • Evidence that disruptive forms of electricity and magnetism in the growing environment they might call “electrosmog” can disrupt self-regulating capacities of plants and animals so significantly that they appear to suffer from “rapid aging”.

  • Negative health effects on people – some more than others -- of electromagnetic devices common in everyday use, from cell phones even with ear buds to poor house wiring, certain kinds of lights and big batteries (electric car batteries for example), or living location near hydro electric, radio or cell phone towers;

  • Chaotic and intense, arbitrary electromagnetic signals and fields, made by man, can disrupt our body’s natural patterns including out capacity to “hear” and respond to planetary energy patterns (e.g. the Schumann Resonance) that have informed our species evolution including our innate tendencies towards self-healing our bodies, a self-contained and environmentally connected signalling system and energy field.


Protective Limits

Given all that is known, people have worked hard the world over, with more success at global and supra-civil levels than in local government, to standardize limitations on public exposure to disruptive energies. The existence of standards confirms that there are known health risks from electromagnetic devices and equipment. Standards were created despite many people considering them anti-business or anti-innovation. Some leaders minimize need for testing and policing of standards: Local controls are touted as anti-social in a world where there is a growing connected and mobile population and spreading infrastructure reaching previously remote areas of our planet.


Our health, you and the collective "we" provide the potential for business in the first place. That is unless you want to argue that business best flows from a fear-provoking and cut-throat race against others for our own survival.


As a result, there is a practical challenge:

  1. Standards vary from community to community and may be ineffectively lax in some areas;

  2. There is seldom budget for governing and testing for non-compliant systems and devices.


Environmental testing is important in combination with personal Assessment.


Test and Treat
CoherenceClinic can help assess and treat electromagnetic disturbances in a client's body.
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