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Heart-Mind and Global Coherence

Opening the Path Towards Health


CoherenceClinic offers training, technology and informative workshops for individual clients and groups seeking a direct path to health which includes better understanding of central factors being heart-mind and human-planet coherence.


There is scientific evidence to support what many feel makes intuitive sense: Overall health is modulated by light signals (see Background on this), and by strong magnetic pulses from the heart. More than 10X as strong a signal as the brain, the heart acts like a metronome for the brain that, in turn, modulates the overall immune and endocrine system (see copious scientific literature by Rollin McCraty et al (also published by the HeartMath Institute).


Recent studies by astronomers, physicists and Dr. McCraty, also show clear evidence that the atmospheric and earth's energy pulses and resonates with energetic flaires and waves from the Sun.  Health effects are by studied by Dr. McCraty's Global Coherence Initiative.


Findings suggest that emotional and physical health changes with changes in our planetary and cosmic conditions. The sun modulates energy on the earth. And the both modulate energy in people, animals and life on our planet. Some scientists also theorize that the energetic relationship is more than a one-way mechanistic cause and effect because from the perspetives of physics, our presence has tangible effects on our physical enviornment including the earth, by our very presence. Time-space wraps around every one of us.


Peaceful, loving and conscoius coherence, self-care and compassion all matter. In this, we are delighted to share what we know and share the love...

Our very existence has significance of astronomical proportions because we and our health physically entwines with others and all around us.


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