Assessment-led Health & Medicine



Collaborating with you and your doctors to set clear direction for measurable and enduring restoration,

enhancement and improvements in health, specific to you. 

CoherenceClinic provides health consulting services using an assessment-led practice to give individuals precise insights into essentials for life.


Insights Report

Evidence-based, person-centered and informed care, our services are complementary to both the person and conventional care. 


We look closely at our client's experience and guide a range of assessments with a systematic review to provide a more comprehensive set of individual reports. These can inform decisions about nutritional supplementation and guide light feedback based therapies and programs. If also track changes in health in an informed context.

The CoherenceCllnic assessment-led approach involves asking useful questions and asking the client's MD or ND for revealing tests. These prove particularly useful for clients to see more of their own bottom line needs before accepting cookie-cutter diagnoses, one-size-fits-all treatments or courses of compounding medications to quell symptoms resulting from habitual over-prescription.


An Insights Report helps inform a client and their doctors about more of what's going on that are pertinent to health. Combined with gentle therapies, the substantial information we provide to clients has proven significantly beneficial.


Clients Who Come to See Us

Clients often call and work with us when they are health oriented and receive a medical diagnosis that doesn't quite feel right, has no cure and leads to treatments with side effects. Conditions have included, for example:

  • Neuro-cognitive, mood, and memory problems that are given labels like Autism, bipolar, MS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and epilepsy;

  • Metabolic syndromes associated with medical terms like Obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue, depression, bipolar and MS;

  • Inflammation, autoimmune reactions, headaches and menopausal symptoms;

  • Tumors, cysts or lesions that doctors call Cancer;

  • Complex symptoms summarized as unexplained high or low blood pressure then called Cardiovascular Disease;

  • Immune disruptions blamed on patient behaviors such as pregnancy, trauma, malnutrition, food-based chemicals, allergies, exposure to air and water-borne toxins, radiation, HIV, and AIDs.


Our clients realize that most of these are unexplained, chronic and age-related conditions. They are not always a fast one-way street to disaster. It is always up to the individual to understand, nourish and nurture their health. It can involve reducing toxic habits and environmental exposures. Regardless of diagnosis, improvements in health are often possible.


The challenge: Medicine focuses on Disease 

People can feel they've been left wondering if they've been left unseen, wondering about their health.

That's why we advocate for health and offer a means to more fully address what all is going on for you, using a science-backed perspective on health.


Doctors use standard, top-down symptom-driven differentials geared to global disease averages. Standards make it easy for them to label patient files with formal disease names, assume deleterious progression and treat for that. 


Doctors can be helpful. Their differential guidelines can define prescriptions by class of disease. Yet, the prescribers are not pharmacists.


Only MDs are qualified medical professionals: They are trained to name symptoms as Disease, treat and manage Disease. That does not generally equip or position MD's and ND's to think outside their conventions. Each on their own might need additional resources or good questions to:

  • Test and find the most common latent microbial disturbances;

  • See the difference between generic protocol and individual health in order to prevent mistreatment or over-treatment; 

  • Inform people about their underlying need for essential micro-nutrients;

  • Tell patients that the most common and presumably dire Diseases are often over-diagnosed and mistreated. For example, studies reveal that up to 70% of patients with breast, prostate and lung tumors likely have slow-growing cysts that might not be as harmful as the harsh treatments prescribed for them;

  • Measure reversible factors underlying chronic and age-related conditions;

  • See underlying causes of disease in terms of individually specific factors.


Medicine depends on Disease. So people wonder whether their doctors fully understand them and the cause of an illness before treating it. Medical authorities say that cause is not necessary to diagnose and treat disease. The Disease name is not the same as the cause of illness, just a description of it. Clinical standards and medical research focus on lists of symptoms associated with 87,000 classes of disease. Fewer than 500 are cured through proper treatment. Most of those relate to 350 specific forms of microbial or viral infection with a specific biological cause.


People could ask their doctors for testing to determine the microbial, viral or disruption causing their symptoms before accepting generic treatment. Apart from pre-defined standard tests, well-meaning doctors may not be able to satisfy such reasonable requests for a better perspective.


Medicine can generally treat Disease without knowing much about individual health. So we can, as health consultants, help clients take responsibility for understanding their own health and make the most of their doctors' expertise.

Clarity Beyond Guesswork
During life, conditions are not just either-or decisions about medical interventions. In the era of nutritional genomics, molecular, cellular and systems biology, individuals can access self-assessments to better understand their condition. That is if people and their doctors care as much about individual health as they care about Disease naming and generic treatment.


If health is valued and part of your intention then we'd be pleased to work with youWe enjoy meeting new clients through introductions from existing clients and their doctors.


Significant Findings