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Medical Investigations

CoherenceClinic aims to free up innate capacities for self-healing and lasting health.

We are health therapists, researchers, and consultants who often work with individuals and their doctors. We have also provided research, advisory services, educational materials and background reports to scientific researchers, academia, policy planners and members of the media. We charge for our time and expertise on an hourly or per diem basis and charge for out-of-pocket expenses including travel costs.


Healthy Difference in Practice

CoherenceClinic holds an interest in health definition, promotion and informed consent. Our practices focus on people and their health, maintaining due consideration too for surrounding conditions and dynamics. Meaning is found in context. We and our clients tend to appreciate the Principle of Total Evidence that suggests medical evidence focused on disease is less than meaningful when it excludes a sense of requirements for health. We can be helpful informing clients about how to reduce the incidence or risk of needless and potentially harmful options.


Clients say they recommend us to those they love because they find that we broaden and deepen their perspective, save them time and shorten the path to effective therapies, better medical decisions, and health outcomes. What we do:

  • CoherenceClinic provides services complementary to doctors' care;

  • Ensure our clients have their own GP, MD or ND;

  • Emphasize quality of care over quantity where effectiveness meets efficiency, and individuals are valid constituents of public health;

  • Welcome clients who know us through existing clients, family and their doctors;

  • Follow an iterative process of assessment and feedback-based therapies to identify, track, normalize and condition improvements in health;

  • Advocate for people to understand and protect their health;

  • Call for informed consent by individuals with specific health concerns while opposing neither vaccines or medications in general;

  • Provide health services and information that does not replace the care of qualified medical and naturopathic doctors;

  • Track client conditions, identifying opportunities and resources or learning, conditioning and educational purposes.

  • Deliver expertise that differs from regulated and generic medical services, outside of the billable ICD disease standards, so our fees cannot be paid by OHIP, public or private insurance programs that cover medical costs;
  • Reserve the right to decline services for existing and potential clients who seek treatments without benefit to them or legally problematic;

  • Require that services are prepaid, but refund payments for services not used.


People have sought us out from all over the world. We make best efforts to remain aware of and adhere to local, provincial and federal laws and tax codes related to healthcare. We advise potential clients from out-of-province that, before seeing us, they must confirm laws to which they are obliged to comply as residents from another jurisdiction.


In any case, we are not doctors and can not guarantee that we are more aware of medical regulations surrounding individuals than our clients and their doctors.


No Replacement for MDs

We are not medical doctors so do not diagnose or treat Disease. We can provide background information about Disease and a range of science-backed perspective. We are well informed about medical and public health practices, medical economies, and technologies, medical science and innovation, and surrounding Life Sciences. Working with doctors, we do not replace them. We do not:

  • Focus on high volume Disease management;

  • Cure any Disease or claim an ability to do so;

  • Talk much about the 87,000 standard classes of symptoms and generic disease descriptions (ICD) used in Medicine, especially to ignore healthy conditions;

  • Apply generic medical guidelines to maximize repetition in cookie-cutter diagnoses and one-size-fits-all treatments;

  • Retail or distribute medications and naturopathic products, or profit as proxy pushers for drug makers and other medical or naturopathic suppliers;

  • Continue treating or serving clients when there is no longer benefit from our services.


Our clients need doctors to deal with their Diseases in regulated ways. At the same time, we are aware some medical professionals, organizations, agencies, and suppliers do not like our focus on improving health, effective and low-cost care. Some also ill-presume we compete with standard Medical authorities who define and manage Disease. They ignore the fact we do not replace doctors even if we understand the common medical language of Disease, patent innovation, and commercialized medicine. 


We appreciate the opportunity to collaborate, develop and talk about a much-neglected language of personal and public health. Because people won't translate good words into healthy experience until we have the words.


Private Investigators 

Contact us directly. We charge for our time and out of pocket costs on account of your work. We do not, however, tolerate commercial or government investigators who engage our services and consume our time under false pretenses. Those who contact us, but fail to address us in an honest and fair manner, open themselves to public and professional scrutiny including potential prosecution of wrong-doing:

  1. Through the justice system (such as sections 380 and 403 regarding fraud, impersonation and false pretense);

  2. By reporting to journalists responsible for highly visible and fair media coverage;

  3. Formal complaints and inquiries via professional networks and regulatory bodies.


If you want to know about our work then just ask and let's talk about it.


Investigative Journalism

Making use of the full scope of Life Science research, we discover and share a voice for health in person-centered research and practices. We enjoy working with producers, researchers, and reporters with a demonstrated commitment to the truth, including:


We can help members of the media to sort through the logical fallacies in Medical care to improve and share knowledge of best practices.


Biological Complexities

We and our conditions include healthy biological processes that are more persistent, varied and changing within and between us than most medical theories or standard models can possibly recognize based on normative science. Medicine is complicated while underlying and surrounding biology is complex.


Some working in and around medicine take advantage of the complexities. So our team can offer information that stands up against baseless claims including calls for change in the name of innovation. We also care to testify against medical fraudsters including private investigators who use nefarious tactics to make their misleading inquiries with a dangerous disregard for others' rights, needs and valuable time.


We don't have all the answers, just more and better questions to improve the options and decisions for better health, care, and quality of experience.

We care to care and see you for you as we work for health.

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