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Complementary and Integrative Health Services

CoherenceClinic aims to free up innate capacities for self-healing and lasting health.

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We are health therapists, researchers, and consultants who work with individuals and their doctors and care providers:


  1. Get a handle on your health: Coordinating assessment-led therapies, we focus on individual health capacities, concerns and metrics to inform health care. We gather evidence about the person, centered in the context of science-backed studies.

  2. Tune your eating habits for your genes, health, fitness, and athletics: We coordinate testing that provides potentially useful keys to individual nutrition and fitness in a standardized Health or Sport and Fitness Report;

  3. Patient advocacy: We can help navigate decision-making when healthcare is shaped more by hope and fear than meaningful information. We provide research and considerations especially useful when clinical conventions just don't seem to add up.


Complementary to medical and naturopathic care, our services address more fully what's right with clients so they and their doctors can better understand what's going wrong, This means advocating for truly person-centered and science-backed practices.


Our practitioners increase the quantity and quality of science-backed information for individual care. We also offer therapies that include light feedback. Reducing needless and potentially harmful interventions, our services can save people time, and shorten the path to effective therapies and better outcomes. We work knowing you are not the same as a disease label. Your health and life matter. 


CoherenceClinic practitioners do not diagnose or treat disease. We are not doctors nor replace medical and naturopathic doctors. Our clients have their own GP, MD or ND.


We are delighted to work with those exceptional people who care to look beyond lowest common guidelines to address specific requirements for nurturing their own health. Clients find us through family and friends, existing clients and their doctors, people who know the benefits of our work.



Collaborating with you and your doctors to set clear direction for measurable and enduring restoration,

enhancement and improvements in health, specific to you.

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