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Session Request

Existing Clients

Please let us know what dates and times are possible for your session(s) by email (below), or by direct discussion with your practitioner.

When you request a session then assume no session is scheduled until you receive confirmation from us by email or phone call to confirm:

  • Date:

  • Time;

  • Location.

Thank you. We look forward to getting back to you within the next few business days

Your details were sent successfully!

  • We provide NO walk-in medical clinic or emergency services.

  • NO medications or Medical Doctors are found on premises.

  • CoherenceClinic charges for specialized assessment and consulting services.

  • Clients must have their own MD: Our services are not covered by OHIP.

  • We are holistic health practitioners who collaborate with health and medical professionals to ensure quality of care.

  • We accept clients for whom we can provide tangible benefit.

CoherenceClinic potentially accepts only 3 new clients per week by referral.


Client visits require pre-scheduled appointments.

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