Client Forms

Consent and Personal Background


Prior to your first session, please download and print the Consent Form and submit other forms online. Please note:


  • Questionnaires are submitted to a secure online server and identify clients by personal code rather than name.

  • Our work can complement but does not replace services of a medical doctor.

  • Clients must have their own family physician or Medical Doctor and identify them on the Contact Form.

  • It is the client's responsibility to understand and adhere to laws or medical conventions applicable to them and inform CoherenceClinic of any restrictions that may apply.

Prepare for Appointments

Clients are tested using non-invasive techniques, often with a dull skin probe pressed on points along the top of the hands and feet.


Each appointment involves an assessment. Therefore:

  • Hands and feet must be washed, clean and without lotion;

  • Client needs to be well hydrated with water (not dehydrating caffeinated drinks or decaf);

  • Arrive "free" of medications like pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs and medicinal marijuana, for example (i.e. Schedule sessions between doses of Meds).

  • CoherenceClinic Assessment services in no way replace the care provided by a client's own medical doctor. 

  • Our services may inform clients' and their practitioners' care , and augment their ability to manage healing and health.

  • We  do not see clients who require urgent, emergency or acute care, unless specifically called in by a doctor of emergency medicine.